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^ yes but youve presented yourself with the causation of the issue. Its really self explained. Here I'll pretend to be a guy at a board meeting at RPS HQ. "Hey guys I got an idea...if we lower quality control and the overall quality of our paint. It would cost us less to make but cause the player to buy twice as much on account he'll be shooting twice as much to get the same target out. So in the end we win twice." Couple that with "versions" of paintball that were specifically designed to sell paint and advertise products and you've got a win/lose . They win we lose

In regards to hydro tech I'm nervous that itl be the fields themselves who don't support this. I mean lets say 100 Is the introductory price and its actual msrp will be 80 a case. That's a lot to begin with and when fields ads their personal 25% mark up for fpo that makes it even more outragious I don't think the avg player will buy it at those prices the discerning player yes but not the majority. Fields know this and I don't think they will carry it
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