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Originally Posted by The $aint View Post
if your a well seasoned pump player you will have a better understanding and better learning curve with he SR-1. now those of you who are NOT pump players i got news for you, get hip to the fact of people NOt going out on the first hit.
this marker is NOt for everyone. just like when people want to play pump and want to buy a marker I tell them go buy a ccm and not a cci. its a mater of skill and temperment.
I love the SR1 but not everyone is going to understand the learning curve. and that it does have. i really need to post some photos of what mine looks like now. im waiting on a few things and making a few others then ill show yas.
This sounds hard...... i cant wait for all the "why are you shooting that?" And the. "You paid how much for a pump/boot action gun??"

I think most all who are getting this are well seasoned pump players, that or thier sacks are just much larger than average, or both
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