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Originally Posted by palerider View Post
What CCM does as a manufacturing company is not unique. But how they do it, truly is.
When I first started looking at CCM markers I was shocked at the price.

Now after I have educated myself about the company and product,
the value for my dollar is more than fair. The placing of an order was easy,
simple and very user friendly, I know exactly the cost, build time and each
mail or contact has been personal.

My marker is not really a one of kind, but it is being built for me. I like that.

It's has been a pleasant journey of learning, reading, asking questions and choosing the marker and its colors.
And as I am typing this an email from Mel updating me on my marker and I didn't even have to ask for one.

Itís easy to see why CCM markers hold their value on the used market.

Looking forward to the package in the mail.
This is exactly how I feel.
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