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Ack stainless steel is making a comeback? No thanks. The days of toting around a 4 pound hunk of stainless attached to a 3 pound tank are over. However I do remember the first apocalypse reg I got was used and cost me about 300 bucks in 1998. I sent it to AA in which they set it up for the ultra modern 4500 upgrade for 160 bucks with tank. That was awesome. I had it on my mag for a few years until the preset screw in regs were tested reliable. I still was able to sell it for a pretty descent amount.

If memory serves me correct, the original HPA systems were good for the cockers, mags and first E guns hitting the market at the time. I think some of it still has decent flow but it is easier to have one tank for multiple guns without needing to have multiple cradles. However, I do remember Tom Kaye was telling a group of us that AA regs were much slower on the recharge than what the Flatlines were capable of. This was about 12 years ago when Flatlines came out.
When the AA HPA systems first came out, they were primarily being used on Autococker's and Automags only, the "tournament" type guns, as the systems were expensive. I typically double regged my Evolutions at the time, Unireg and Raptor (first reg to come on AA systems) and had no problem with flow, granted we're talking mechanical guns, max rof at 10-12bps (not sustained), but talk about consistancy, I never had a hot gun once and no, I wasn't turning it down! even though with the tournament locks, that would have been quite easy, as chrono refs wouldn't typically check to make sure they were locked down, unless you were playing Pitts and Graham or I were chrono'ing. :-)
PMS "Nitroduck" released some systems not too long after AA released theirs, and to be honest, they were more trouble than they were worth, and we had a bunch come in right after they were released, and we tried one or two at the field, and they did have flow problem, serious drop off under rapid fire, sent them back to have them "fixed" and they came back, Mark assured us they were fine, but they still had issues, so we stopped carrying those all together. The regs were the adjustable ones, the later versions that were similar to todays cheapo preset 48ci/3000 systems, they worked fine, but those damn fire extinguisher tanks with adjustables, didn't have much luck unfortunately.
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