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Well I got my E3 through college credits. So if you don't know anyone you can refer, and you can't get college credits you'll probably be going in as an E1.

A little tip, LEARN YOUR RANKING STRUCTURE. Senior Chiefs really don't appreciate being called Petty Officer...

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I had no idea the military was so strapped for recruits that it bribes people to sucker in friends like you were selling Amway. I don't have advice I just thought the recruiting system was funny.
It's not. At least the Navy isn't. If they have more recruits, there's more of a chance that they'll get people who are great at their job. So because there's so many people joining, they will kick you out of boot camp for the most trivial reasons. I got a perfect score on the ASVAB and was a damn Nuclear propulsion engineer and they kicked me out for having a tiny heart murmur. The problem is for every guy like me, with great qualifications, there are 100 who have equal qualifications without the heart murmur. But what happened to one of my buddies was worse, he got through 5.5 week and they gave an ADD test...he has never been diagnosed with ADD in his life. They say he has it and send him to separations.

Bottom line, they aren't hurting for recruits.

Also to Down Range Pain, boot camp really isn't hard. The first few days (P Days) SUCK, but after those it really isn't bad. If you make it through the P Days you'll make it through boot camp. I don't know if you were stressing about boot camp or anything, but I just thought I'd share my experience.
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If that was a sincere comment you need to lay off the peyote.
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Chug some V8, then chug a little Tabasco and take a shot of vodka and you've got a ceaser. Take anything after a PBR, and all you've got is some nasty-*** PBR and whatever else you drank.

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