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SR-1 Customization

Thanks to the likes of the InBlack, Trinity and the Delta crew I have become feverishly excited about receiving my very own SR-1. Like a kid in a candy store, while waiting for my SR-1 to arrive I decided to visit my local gun shop just to get the feel of all the new AR goods. If you are like me you have seen all that the Internets have to offer and are wondering what any of it will actually look like on your SR-1. Without the SR-1 in hand this of course was just a fishing trip, a time waster and a heck of a lot of fun too.

(insert furnature option photos)

Prior to and after my trip I had to ask some tough questions. I asked myself, “Self,” how big is the actual SR-1? How much do I want it to weigh? And lastly, how will I be employing my SR-1 to match my style of game play, will I actually be a stationary Sniper or on the move?

(insert photo)

Of course this is all conjecture until I receive my very own SR-1, well guess what…….

I received my SR-1 Prototype X007 today, it is a thing of beauty. It is one special hombre’ a man’s gun so to speak (no offense ladies). First of all, Bill thank you for vision, CCM thank you for your craftsmanship, MCB thanks for your support, Delta thanks for being tools, I mean that in the kindest sense. You guys are fun to play with, Delta is a stand up group of guys and I honestly could think of no better home for the East Coast Sniper League than in your hands.

I know every SR-1 is special but I think mine will blow you away, think “match barrel”……Wow!

My first order of business was to customize my SR-1 with something special.

Although the fluted match barrel adds so much I had to see if the Carter Machine custom Redux Whoosh actually fit like I had hoped and it did. Total length comes to roughly 21 inches of silent death.

Like my quote “One in the Pipe” I think the SR-1 and I are a match made in heaven.

Mods once this thread plays out feel free to attach it to The Official SR-1 thread

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