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I own one, not entirely by choice but by the fact that my pro shop had nothing else in that large of a bore before a tournament. Overall the quality of the barrel is astounding. It has really sold me on the fact that the carbon fibre should have a steel or brass insert inside of it. It shoots a lot better then my deathstix kit or my deadlywinds barrel (cheap pos imo). Like all dye barrels they are made to last and the tip can be anodized. The price is hard to swallow just like the ultralight pricing but if you want to spend this kind of money on a barrel it should be your top choice seeing as it is the only one in this range (for a single barrel not a kit) haha. In all honesty pick up a cp barrel for a fraction of the price and never look back, this was my plan but i will not shoot an 18' barrel on any gun.

Edit: use your stock barrel it will perform very well, and it will not set you back any $$$.
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