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I am not sponsored nor do I work for Red Rhyno Tactical. I am just a player writing a review on this item.

Company Mission statement and contact information:

Please Log In (back online in Sept)
Location: Leesburg VA

About Us

Since 2010, RED RHYNO TACTICAL, LLC has specialized in the design and manufacturing of MILSIM paintball marker accessories. Unlike most online paintball companies, our products are original and not "knockoffs" or replicas.
At this time , we are not a reseller for other brands. Our products are proprietary and not currently available from other stores. We spend a wealth of hours and finances on engineering new concept designs for the paintball community.
We partner with a professional engineering company in CA for all of our projects. This ensures that all of our designs pass rigorous quality and safety industry standards. We oversee all manufacturing components from machining to finishing.
We spend extra time executing several trial runs before production is started. This ensures that our production runs are of the highest quality.
Our customer base is primarily in the US but we are looking to expand to Canada, South America and parts of Europe.

Our current product line is geared for TippmannŽ markers but we plan to expand to other paintball brands in 2013.

Red will be back online in September 2012 with a full catalog of products that include:
• New Modular Mock Suppressors
• New Modular Tactical Floating Hand-guards
• Cyclone Shields
• Diamond Flatline Barrel Shroud
• and Much More Coming in the Future

Contact Us:

Kevin Penn, President (
Customer Care (

I was browsing ebay a while back and decided to punch in “Paintball suppressors”. I wasn’t surprised to see some of the same old ones that are normally on ebay. Then I came across a new one that I hadn’t seen.

New company, new look and new style. The price for “buy it now” option price was more expensive then the “Bid price”, so I decided to let it roll and put on a bid.
If you have known me for any length of time, you know I try to look for the best deal and what I feel is quality. I had a good feeling about this item and decided to try out something new.

Paintball players are a weird group of people. If it isn’t a name brand, 98% of the players won’t touch it. Well I belong to the last 2%, I’m always willing to try something new and write a review about it. I like to let other players know what my thoughts are on new items.

That seems to be the problem with paintball, we don’t have alot of“NEW” in our sport.

After I had bid on the item, I noticed that it did not have a front cap, that it was just opened to the atmosphere. So I wrote Red Rhyno Tactical a note asking about this.
My understanding is that this is their less costly version and they have another version with a threaded barrel (Guess who also has this version "ME").

This review will not only cover the low end version, high end version of this “Mock” suppressor to follow later this week.

I was really impressed with this posting on their ebay page:




This sounds like a GREAT IDEA . It will give the player a much better choice as far as personalizing a suppressor to their gun/play style.

What came in the mail:

Everything came packaged as such. Plastic tubing and shipped USPS. I received the Suppressor I won.
Also included were a Tactical barrel and a Modular Mock Suppressor. This is something I haven’t seen in paintball yet. Offers a lot of different sets ups that I have yet to see others offer.

Everything is made out of aluminum. So we are going to have a little front weight, but not as much as any other suppressor out there.

I did like the milling design on both Suppressors. It was a "HONEY COMB" design. Not only does it give you a different look, but also a better grip when removing/changing/cleaning when covered with paint.

These are probably the best Barrel socks I have seen in a long time. All embosed sewing on both sides. The pictures show what is on both sides on the barrel socks I hope other companies start putting out some fancy ones like this.

They are very well made. Nicely sewn with shock cord and a lock adjuster. I don't see these coming apart anytime soon. Made from cordura and the end of the sock is double fabric on the inside. I don't see a paintball going thru these anytime soon.

“But Blackrain, with all the milling, the paint will stay in the channels, I’ll have to use Q-tips”

Well guess what, just wash it with water. It’s that easy. I really doubt it will rust

If you read the “COMING SOON” statement above, you’ll be able to make your own design and not have so much milling. Or maybe you can add DRIP CHANNELS

Let’s take a look at the design of the "MOCK SUPPRESSOR" and how it attaches:

It's made from a solid piece of aluminum. 1-1/2" OD, 7" long and 1"ID. So it seems we have enough room for a variety of barrels. As mentioned above it has a "Honey Comb" style milling.




There are 3 Nylon tipped set screws. This is to protect the finish of the barrel and prevent marring of the barrel. It doesn't take much to set these on the barrel.

Rear View of allen screws:

Also included is an allen wrech and three extra Nylon tipped allen screws.

Slip it over barrel of choice. In this case we will use an ION Barrel with numerous turn downs, just to show this suppressor doesn't have to only be used on a full round barrel.

Evenly tighten down the set screws around the barrel. Once that was done I gave it a little tug forward to make sure it was tight and in place.

Next I check the end to make sure I was evenly spaced around the barrel.

If you have the correct length of barrel, you can mount this all the way back, giving it that "Full Barrel Suppressor" look
Me personaly I like the suppressor all the way back as far as it will go. If I have barrel sticking out,I can always mark it, put it on the lathe and cut it to the desired length

You can put the Mock suppressor at the "Tip" of the barrel to give the barrel a longer length or add character to a shorter barrel.

It has a black anodizing evenly applied. Not some "Fly By Night" business doing their anodizing for them (I hope they offer other colors). The anodizing is proffesionly done I guess you can say it's a "Satin Black" finish with the luster shine of an A5 barrel Finish. Look at the above factory picture for a better view.

I could not find any machine marks on the outside nor the inside. It is very smooth all around and inside. Even the thru holes for the set screws were smooth. Normally companies will leave thru holes very rough with metal sticking up, causing damage to equipment.

No one is perfect, always check thru holes prior to putting on equipment over expensive items.

What would I do different with this version? Probably not a thing. It's priced for what it is. Mock Suppressor for those on a tight budget. If you have a lathe, you could always make a front cap for it,fill the front with small pipe insullation. I see this Mock Suppressor as a "Tinkers" project

Let your mind wander and have a good time with this one

So this concludes our first installment of this paintball equipment. Next one will follow later this week. It will be the Modular suppressor and tactical barrel. I have to get ready for Super Game 44.

If you have any questions about this Mock Suppressor, or other equipment made by RED RHYNO TACTICAL, please feel free to contact Kevin Penn. He is registered as "REDRHYNOTACTICAL" on MCB.

As usual comments and critiques are welcomed


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