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Originally Posted by Dougefreshe View Post
Hello everyone.
Was on cl yesterday and saw a gun i had never seen,but 2 seconds after seeing it i knew i had to have it. (tried to post pics but wasnt able to).
I left the house with wife and 6 kids within 30 seconds after talking to the seller.
Flew 30 miles and bought the gun with extra barrel for 50$. Got home searched nova 700 and wam found this place.
After spending the night here reading im pretty sure im now an expert on these guns.
At least till i actually start trying to clean and get the gun working. Then my true talent will prevail. And it ends up in a box below my dye autocc project.
And above my 2 other guns im gonna fix box.
So hopefully you guys will make sure this doesnt happen.
Allright gonna stop rambling.
Thx and look forward to getting this working.
This place isn't going to cure your addiction.
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