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Originally Posted by TFrevold View Post
I went with moonlights kit so I got the VS-35m astron. Kinda confused by it messin around Amps wont go over 2
Be sure of your electrical connections. The acid concentration can vary a good bit, Idk what that kit likes to use.

If your acid bath is new and/or your parts/cathode-plate is small, the voltage required can be over 15 volts, which looks like the limit of the VS-35m. After your tank breaks in and gets some amount of aluminum floating around (invisible) the voltage goes down (and the supply can provide more current).

This messed me up for a while. A brand new tank would work great with a 13 volt power supply and a few parts, but the more I used it, the worse my results would be. When I stuck a current supply on my old tank, it worked great, but averaged 12 volts or lower for the single parts I was working on, depending on the current density of course.
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