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I saw the whole lineup today at MAO.

I give it a meh rating. The pants have ungoldy padding like the old JTs, if you love them great, if not... Meh. The pair I tried on were very bulky.

Jersey was a jersey.

The gloves I had high expectations for, and boy did they not meet them. The hard rubber knuckle is there, but other than minor protection, didn't seem like much. I'm picky when I wear gloves and I love gloves that conform to your hand and are graceful and tacky for holding markers. These, I wouldn't pay the price for them. The glove fingers were flexible so you can walk the trigger and do things with ease, but the material was so thin that it reminded me of wearing double latex gloves.

So that's my two cents on the items, take it for what you will. Check them out in person and make your own decision.
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