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Originally Posted by MorueM View Post
What size is that reamer?
The right size 0.745

Originally Posted by ryanhall41 View Post
can you do stainless barrels?
I don't really want to they take much much longer to bore than aluminum, and they are much harder on my tools. But for the right price I might be willing to try a few. If I had to put a price on trying it 50 would get me to try it.

Originally Posted by joedirt199 View Post
looking good. will definately help take a load off stanchy. just watch what you're getting yourself into. people love their freak inserts and have lots of barrels.
Thats kinda what I am counting on but I know I can't do quite the volume SSC does I really like to keep my lead times short if I get backed up more than 2 days I will quit taking new work until I am caught up. Right now 8/12/12 I am boring barrels the same day they come in and shipping out the next day.
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