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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Bill, just a bit of feedback on the SR1 top rail design.

1) 1inch hole spacing for a rail adaptor is a bit of a PIA when trying to locate after market rails. The fix could be going with the average hole spacing if there is one or supply a rail and call it a day. I prefer the latter for ano matching purposes. I would even pay extra for an after market adpt to match.

2) Change the top rail from flat to an angle maybe 3-5 degrees with the high point at the rear ( minimal is better both for aesthetics and zero. This in effect would give the SR1 a "built in arc" when zeroing the rifle thus giving the "illusion" of a true long ball rifle out of the box. The user could then add any number of rail adjusters for zeroing in on the mark.

More to come....
I believe Bill has rail coming, it was sideburnered to allow getting the guns out the door.

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