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Metadyne HAVOC Package

For Sale

Metadyne Havoc launcher, Ver 1.
I've had this launcher for about 3 years now, it's served me very well and has always been a head turner at events. I am moving into Real Steel shooting now and want to fund a Mini 14 project so i am letting this go.

Here's what you get

1 x metadyne ver 1 launcher. This is the version with the relief port cut into the body by metadyne, but, i filled that hole with JB weld so it no longer chops orings.
1 x ver 2 piston, spring, and cap - installed - version 1 parts are included and pictured
2 x 4" barrel extentions
1 x Breech kit
12 x Complete o ring rebuild kits from o-ring monkey, every o ring needed to rebuild the launcher. There are over 30 spare o-rings for the piston assembly
1 x palco plastic case for o-rings
1 x new MAV-3C valve - Installed, old valve is included
1 x chi com 4 bay stick grenade shoulder pouch, holds 4 rockets
9 x NERF vortex rockets
3 x JCS rockets
1 (or 4 if i can find the other 3) x milsim labs 37mm 203 slug round with barrel insert - white pvc pipe
1 x 13 cu ninja tank, born date '09
1 x rap4 12 gram co2 adapter
1 x uncle mikes butt stock shell holder - holds 5 co2 carts on the barrel for easy access
1 x case and strap


no trades, unless you have mini 14 mags and cash... or maybe a nice piece of brass, it is so hard to turn away vintage.

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