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About Us

Scarab Arms LLC is a designer and manufacturer of high quality MILSIM type Magazine-Fed Paintball Markers based out of Las Vegas, NV.
Our products cater for LE and Military as well as MILSIM (Military Simulation) operators and scenario paintball players around the world.
Although the Scarab Arms brand had been recently established our team comprises of some of the most experienced engineers and MILSIM operators in the industry today.
Our objective always is to provide our clients with the most innovative, realistic and extremely durable platforms, we do not take short cuts or compromise on quality hence we build our markers to last under extreme operating conditions with the least amount of maintenance time and effort.
We are currently in the final stages of launching our anchor product the SCARAB TGR2 however we have completed the designs and drawings for the next five MILSIM platforms that will be released in due time.
Please take the time to review our product page and contact us for any feedback inquiries or comments.

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