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Tinkerer parts sale

OK as some of you know I am a slightly above average tinkerer. As such I have a TON of stuff just laying around doing nothing and I can use some extra money (cant we all?) So I am going to sell some of it off.

OK well start off with some Clippard parts.

Were going to start from the top left to right
number - clippard part# - number I have - price
1. 5000-4-ENP - 50 - 0.75 ea
2. 12841 - 40 - 40 - 1.00 ea
3. 11752-5 - 15 - 1.00 ea
4. 15002-5 - 14 - 1.00 ea

5. 5000-4 - 50 - 0.50 ea
6. smav-3 - 7 - 15.00 ea
7. mav-3c - 6 - 10.00 ea
8. 11750-2 - 15 - 0.50 ea

Next is the hose section

you can see most are standard autococker lp hose 1/16 id 1/8 od these would be 1.00 per ft

You can also see the black and "white" tubes marked high pressure can be used in ions and are marked to have a working pressure of 450 psi. I am using this in my mech ion with no problems. This would be 1.25 per foot

Here is some more hose.

the black and red hose looks like macro line but it has a MUCH lower working pressure DO NOT USE AS MACROLINE IT WILL BLOW UP. It measures 1/4 od 1/8 id. I am using this in my mech ion running at 175 psi no problem. price will be 0.75 per ft

the other black hose is a high pressure direct replcment for the large ion hose rated at 350 psi noted on the side. price is 1.25 per ft

In the box I have some Pneumadyne barbed fittings. 10-32 to 1/8 barbed fitting. these work exceptionally well with the low pressure black and red hose 1.00 each

Shipping is going to be just about $6 for most parts so I removed the price of shipping from some parts and shipping will be tacked on to the end of the order so your not paying for shipping twice. paypal is included in the price of the part still. Bottom line is if you buy one brass tube fitting I still have to pay $6 for shipping so the more you buy the more you get out of the shipping cost.

If you have any questions about any of the stuff I have listed here please feel free to ask.

Edit: updated pricing to remove shipping costs from part
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