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Shooting manual is tough!

So I've been trying to use Manual for my recent pics of my new born and test pics, and it sure is taking some getting some used to. I really need to sit down and re-read my books on ISO, shutter speed, etc. I think I am getting it though, or at least hope so! Here are a few today...I want to post my thoughts and see if you guys think the same... Please feel free to add your thoughts. Much appreciated!

Side note, these are the uncropped, untouched pictures. I am looking more for composure elements than the finished product. If I can't get the main pic right, the editing portion is null.

Camera: Rebel T3


Shutter speed 1/100, ISO 200, White Balance Daylight, Nifty 50

My thoughts: I should have had a faster shutter speed, probably 1/200-1/400 to soften the contrast some. Leave the ISO as is.

Digging Dog...

Shutter speed 1/200, ISO 200, White Balance Daylight, 55-250 at 146mm

My thoughts: I need a much faster shutter speed to capture the action, flinging dirt, etc, probably 1/1600. If I change the exposure time that fast, does the ISO need to be adjusted?

Slobber Dog...

Shutter Speed 1/200, ISO 200, White Balance Daylight, 55-250 at 163mm

My thoughts: I wouldn't change much, maybe bring the shutter speed up 1/400. Seems like her lower neck is slightly out of focus, but I don't know if I could correct that and keep the rest of the subject in focus.
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