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the price of the magfed marker isn't the biggest hurdle for players getting into magfed play, it's the cost of the magazines. at $30 a pop, it's a big pinch. especially as you gen get a barebones tacamo marker complete for about $130 and add accessories of your choice. 6 mags for casual play will cost more than the core marker.

This is the reason so many of us were excited when RAP4 said they would launch the dmags at 10/$50 a few years back, as that would make magfed really affordable. With the failure to produce the dmags at any pricepoint, i'm seeing alot of the tacamo kits going up for sale as the owners have gotten tired of waiting.

RAP4 had alot of us excited for affordable magfed, but I think they have missed the boat and left alot of us hanging.
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