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Originally Posted by PaintedRat View Post
Does anyone have any good links or info on setting up a decent helmet, or gun cam? I'd really like to do clips when we go out and play. Lists of parts, sources, and assembly. Are you carrying a standard vidcam with remote cam for input? I'm planning to do something like this for offroad vehicles too, but size of equipment is not an issue there.
This is what I use and several others Tyger, Jincay, EqualsP to name a few.


I run the 480 extreme to a old Panasonic DVC camcorder with A/V inputs. Its relatively big and bulky, I would like to get a newer Sony but I gotta make do with what I have. I tie wrap the camera to my mask. Its a straight forward set up. If your camcorder has LANC connection that would be even better since it would allow remote start and stop of recording without having to pull the camcorder out.

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