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Oh, sorry for some reason I thought you wanted an over the shoulder mount so you could move around and it would keep a fixed view in relation to you. So, in that case, tripod with a boom arm. Assuming you already have a decent tripod, or one that will do, get a length of steel pipe, an end cap, proper sized screw and nut matching the standard thread for your tripods head thread. Make a mount to hold the pipe at a comfortable angle from your tripod (leave some sticking out the back to counter balance. Hang a water bottle or jug from it if needed.) Use plywood scraps, and securely glue the nut to the base of your pipe holder.

From there, drill a shallow hole in the pipe cap, epoxy the screw in it, screw cap on end of pipe. Take the tripod head off your tripod, screw on to end of pipe, attach pipe adaptor you made on to your tripod. Check it is stable, attach camera, and go at it.
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