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Originally Posted by d4rksabre View Post
The basic deal with this video is that the singer, PSY, lived and studied in the US for a while. He's got degrees from Boston U and the Berkley School of Music.

In Korea he's sorta looked down on as vulgar, which makes him extremely popular. This song, Gangnam Style, is a parody of the way people dress and act in the Gangnam region, which is sorta affluent.

Think of PSY as like a Korean version of LMFAO making fun of Orange County or something.
The further explanation from my coworkers (video game studio, so they know about such things...) is that "oppan is Gangnam style" is roughly saying "gentleman who is slightly older than you (referring to himself) is Gangnam style (rich/affluent/etc)", and yeah, in a parody-type tone.

PSY is apparently huge and progressive in the realm of K Pop. The way it was explained to me is his stuff sounds like LMFAO whereas the rest of K Pop sounds like NSYNC. All I know is a) he's amazing, b) I want to learn the dance and do it on a paintball field, and c) my one-year-old sits still through the whole video which really says something.

The dude in the yellow suit and the one in the elevator are Korean comedians, the woman in the train is from a K Pop all-girl band.
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