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Gettin' out of PB: Microsquall & VM Magnum

Hey guys,

Long time no post...

Now that I own a house and need to buy not-fun things like mattresses, bedroom sets, toilets, and water-heaters, it's time for me to settle on the fact that i don't have time or money for paintball. While sad for me, it's good news for any of you that might like to own some of this fine collection.

I'll be doing these by batches of 2-3 markers to make things more manageable.

All prices are OBO. I'm pricing things around what I think is fair. I've been away from the scene for a while, so feel free to bring me down to earth if I'm off the mark on price. Also, please feel free to ask any questions or get more pictures. I've shot all of these and they cycle fine, although I can't say whether the o-rings are all going to last as they are all at least a couple years old. I'm a regular gun person too, so these all are oiled and treated well.

With anything, if you're not happy ship it back (as long as it's in the same shape I shipped it in). I'll refund everything but the shipping. I'm here to sell because the community always supported me, so if you're not happy, I'm not happy.

First up, Palmer Microsquall. It's a back-bottle PGP stroker conversion. I'm the third owner I believe It's one of the things I find it hardest to sell; it was my first palmer marker, and I had never seen anything like it. Its got the PMI soft rubber grips and a cheap *** red-dot on it for plinking in the back yard. Not sure what else to say, it sells itself. Asking $425 shipped (insured, obviously). Hope it goes to a good home.

Next up, VM-68 magnum. Its got the magnum barrel, the vertical bottle foreend (kinda rare), Lonestar grip, aluminum trigger guard, aluminum side panels (the plastic ones break), back-bottle adapter, a pressure gauge mounted on the rear to keep track of gas, and an expansion chamber up front to keep the CO2 flowing steadily. The expansion chamber might leak, I haven't shot it in a while, so consider it a throw-in. I'm trying hard not to break this up since I have a feeling people are going to want parts -- so I'm just going to keep the package price lower. Lets say $200 (shipped, insured) for the whole shebang. I might be way off there, so smack me down if need be. I've got a bunch of parts for this too, so I'll include anything I can find (ASA caps, O-rings, original plates, etc.)

Thanks everyone. More to come in the following days!

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