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Thanks for the heads up on that sight! I was gonna sell it for some extra scratch but it's amazing! I've never seen a sight like this before and I've been fascinated with guns and accessories of all types since I was little, so it's rare for me to find a sight that I haven't encountered.

As for them not being sexy I think they are in their own right, and they're intimidatingly loud. I think one of them needs wood grips, and I want to put the other one into a wood stock. I'm kinda sad that they're from the early 00's tho, cuz they look older.

I also found out that there are no replacement barrels, and mokal never made barrels for it, but lapco actually makes an adapter for it to take spyder threads. Go figure... If I drop the one into a stock, I'll probably get a 20" J&J to throw on it.
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