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Well, I haven't really heard of any of those, however if they are like other events, it's still generic "two teams come and shoot paintballs at one-another". Doesn't really scream zombies to me . If I'm wrong please let me know so I can go to them.

As far as the concept is concerned, the balance is between firepower, number of zombies, and how respawn is what makes the game either incredibly fun, or a masochists dream. In our testing there hasn't been any problems other than an overzealous zombie player grabbing a bit more than he should have. It's generally as safe as flag football. The colder weather allows zombies to be properly armored to the point there is no pain, (I haven't tested a game yet where a player wasted all their shots on lighting up a zombie), With the full face mask, players can easily tell if they are headshot without any problems. Trust me, as someone who played zombie numerous times, the last thing I want to do is come home covered with welts.

The BIGGEST change is the ammo caps. Most attempted zombie games still play full hoppers which is really crazy. Even in a group of 10-15 players, who would charge someone over open field with a speedball marker with several hundred rounds?

I also completely agree about the venue. Indoors you use waterballs, however it's still difficult to find a place that has the atmosphere, yet is still considered safe. Is there anyone in the colorado springs/denver area willing to lend me a hand with getting something off the ground for halloween? I don't know the area very well, and would welcome assistance.

Finally, it's really not about winning. Generally we just party and eat pizza. It's something different to do. Besides, we've all dreamed about doing this.
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