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This makes little sense.

Double check the frame - some people didn't know about the keyhole frame - and thus put LONG screws through the outside. I have never seen a ball bearing frame that did not have a keyhole - the only ones they made were for the Series 5 and those didn't have keyholes OR the ball bearing spot - and they were only dust - and didn't have the scalops toward the back.

Also - the ball bearing and spring design worked just fine for me. You had to be careful when taking it apart - but they worked fine. I would buy a few extras for your kit - and leave it.

If you do switch them - you WILL need a different Cam and Arm - simply sell you .45 with the cam and arm - and you will almost break even.

Broch - Feel free to PM me when you get it - if we need to talk on the phone - that is fine - we will get you up and running with little issue.

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