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Must sell my Collection

I have run into a money problem and I need to sell my own collection of markers.
Please keep in mind I need to sell these. I'm not looking for trades.

I really don't want to sell my Palmer Super Stocker but I have to put it up for sale.

Serial # PS 34 Shoots great and no leaks.

Another Palmer marker for sale is a right side Blazer. Serial # BZ 300
Has 2 Palmer stabs and a Nickle barrel.

The other marker I have always want and have but again I have to sell it is the Armson Pump.
Also have a WGP cocker pump marker.

$325.00 for the Palmer Super Stocker.
$300.00 for the Blazer.
$150.00 for the WGP Cocker Pump.


Price does not include shipping.

Thanks for looking.

Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
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