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i like my overlord (pre-rx), the complaints that i have are basicaly that unless i have access to a CNC/lathe setup i cant do much to it. and what i would be doing the RX version addressed. as i understand the bore on the RX is insert and barrel compatible along with the gun being lightened.

zues, have shot. is nice very comprable to overlord, IMO it is a bit bulkier and i dislike the way the clip sitts. 12g loading was nicer then the overlord due to side window access, in case of 12g freeze. but this was also adressed in the RX. like the overlord you can just carry additional 10rnd tubs and 12g's rather then additional clips, basicaly you are in a hybrid stock class with (10rnd+12g, but semi auto rather then pump)

Tac-8, have shot. this is the cream of the pistols out on the market. once again IMO it does not seem as if you have many internal 'upgrade' options, but that seams to be typical to pistols. grip is uncomfortably big but it shoots quite nice. and once you learn how to load/re-load it is a pretty thing. the big minus for me is that re-loading clips is not a task you want while in game on field, thus you need multiple clips and as you are limited to how you can shoot if it becomes the primary.

i would say that the overlord is my preferance due to appearance, weight, ballance, grip size.
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