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invoices sent!

in case anyone was wondering, shipping is as follows

canada 35
USA 45
Europe 115
New Zealand 125

canada/usa/europe are 5 day. Not sure on new zealand as paypal won't let me check the shipping for there.

Paypal limits me to only some of the available shipping options, and of those I can only ship expedited in canada/USA, and expresspost everywhere else to have it insured.

MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT IN PAYPAL BEFORE YOU PAY THE INVOICE!!!! Whatever address you have in there is where you package is going. If its wrong, its your problem!!!!

All packages will be insured for full value, do NOT ask me to put a lower value for customs, its not happening ( customs value = insurance value).

Of course ALL border fees/customs/taxes/douanne ( however that is spelled) are YOUR responsiblility. You are the importer, your country is charging the fees, you pay them.

The ability to import the item into your country is also completely your problem. If your border people confiscate and /or destroy it, don't come crying to me. You ordered it, I just built it.

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