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Since it's hard to see:

2x PBmafia wrist(bicep) harness with five 10 round tubes each
Pro- Extra ammo that keeps my profile and sound signature minimal. Con- The caps on the tubes pop off occasionally, spilling rounds.

2x Full Clip single mag pouch attached to the harness at chest level and I have two more double mag holders on their way
Pro- Smaller than most mag holders. Con- They have a tighter fit, so mags can be difficult to return. (I've minimized this by placing the magazines inside and rotated them 90 degrees to stretch out the material.)

2x Tippmann TPX leg holster with 5 12 grams each
Pro- Holds extra mags and my spare 12grams. Con- The weight of it throws off my running stride, and sometimes the bottom leg strap falls off mid-sprint.

BlackHawk harness and belt
Pro- Prevents the Tippmann leg holsters from dragging my belt down past my *** when I run, and looks bad-***. Con- Not much storage space other than the belt and harness straps.

pew pew

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