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Hey guys!
So I start class again in a few weeks and will need some spare cash for stuff so I'm down sizing my raincover collection some. All of these are vintage raincovers from back in the day before any ATF silliness.
Now onto pics.

From top to bottom:

1. All Aluminium. 2 piece construction. Very quiet. Has a slot for a front sight. Only one I have ever seen like it. Fits Sheridans or any other 13/16inch OD barrels. 130 dollars. Sold!

2. Huge. Super quiet. Can be taken apart. I think it's 2 piece construction. Saw a vintage ad for it, but this is the only one I've seen IRL. Fits 1 inch OD barrels. 110 dollars.

3. Vintage homebrew IIRC. One of the quietest raincovers that I have ever used! Fits Sheridans or any other 13/16inch OD barrels. 45 dollars. Sold!

4. Tasco knock off. 2 piece construction. Pretty quiet when filled with the correct material. Has a slot for a front sight. Fits Sheridans or any other 13/16inch OD barrels. 50 dollars. Sold!

5. All Aluminium 2 piece construction. Quiet for its small size. Fits 7/8th inch OD barrels. So cute. Only one like it I've seen. I'm gonna hold onto this one unless someone makes me a offer I cant refuse. If I had to put a price on it I'd say 100 dollars. Sold!

My prices dont include shipping.

If you want more pics, have questions or offers just shoot me a pm.

Thanks for looking everyone!
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