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Oh Russ, you find the most interesting videos.

Just my two cents, take it for what you will.

Hell's is a massive field, like stupid huge.
That was my most recent big game in a while and let me tell you, paint was everywhere. Is PSP 13 excessive at room clearing? Sure... But I'd take PSP 13 from a guy who seems like he knows what he is doing over the full auto/RT'ed tippmanns that are in the hands of noobies to experienced players.

Another field that I frequented allowed full auto and let me tell you, getting stitched 10 ft away from a kid who has a new decked out A5... it hurts. A lot...


It's paintball, calm down.

He hosed the crap out of the flag station at the village and at the starting... Of what footage that wasn't a hopper... There was nobody there. Heck, his team mates were already on the way up.

I think that guy had more fun than I did at the game (Or at least deeper pockets). I was kinda bored at times. Some parts were fun, some were like boriiinnggg... Example, walking about 30 mins to the farside of the field, only to get shot out by the stupid prop "helicopter".

They have random prop vehicles, the helicopter being a dude in a pvc and mesh "vehicle" that is invincible for x amounts of minutes. There were times that 80+ people would just throw paint at that dude.

Big games are neat to an extent, but not for me.

At the end of the day, people pay for the paintball experience. What experience that is, will differ. Some people love going out and shooting others with "supreme" firepower and others have a terrible experience and never come back.

Paintball is paintball and different types of people are attracted to different types of it.
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