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And it begins!


1. A total of 500 tickets will be sold at $5 each Or 5 tickets for $20 Or 500 tickets (all of them) for $1,895 if you purchase all of the tickets or just buy the Marker out right. This ensures you ownership of this first Splatmaster # 02/60 then we go onto the next raffle and # 03/60

2. All shipping will be by UPS store AND will be packaged by the UPS store. They will be insured for $2000.This insures any damage will be honored by them.

3. The Pistol will accompany the package but NOT mounted in the glass shadowbox, however mounting is easy and will be obvious.

4. A Certificate of Authenticity, a brass registration number plaque, an assembly certification from Ken Heinly, a notarized statement of my signatures and after all Pistols are sold an emailed list of owners names unless they ask to have their name listed as anonymous upon ticket purchase.

5. These tickets are NOT tax deductible.

6. For those purchasing a pistol for $1,895 a request for any remaining number is possible for an additional $100.

7. Shipping and Handling is INCLUDED for all 60 Pistols.


1. An E Mail sent to telling us how many tickets you are purchasing. The email is to include YOUR email address to which we may email your confirmation .

2. We then shall send you a Computer copy of BOB GURNSEY’S signature, your ticket Number/Numbers/ and YOUR name written on them. We will also retain copies in order to have the winning number drawn.

3. The raffle shall last no more than 4 weeks.IF sold out within 2 weeks we shall offer a further raffle.

4. The winning ticket is to be drawn by Tina “GoldenGirl” Ruzzo and Bob Gurnsey and will appear on YouTube. It will be announced to you via Facebook and to all the email addressees that purchased tickets.

5. ALL payments will be made to PAYPAL with your transfer going to our Paypal account
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