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MMG has been running for 15+ years, it always has and alwyas will be a game for people to hit the field and just shoot lots of paint, the field owner is all cool with that, every shot is 2c in his pocket.

Shoot at empty buildings all you want it's not my dime.

There is a lot of paint flying and hiding in a building is a good way to get lit up by 20 guys hosing it down and rushing the door, it's a competative event, that's a tactic.

This isn't OK, if a ref is there they will escort you out, but it is that sort of game and not necessarily a good place for inexperienced players.

I'ts not my style of play, so I don't play it.

My team was reffing this game, as part of our sponsorship, the reffing is very good at HSI, certainly if anyone gets physical they are getting escorted from the property, it does happen.
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