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but that is the whole point

inexperienced players - first timers, relative noobs, people who play rarely - they dont always get the memo that this is a rough house game - all they get is a play experience that can be harsh and then they leave.

tournament paintball has different levels and you generally know what you are getting into from the word go - how many big events post up that players tend to hose a lot of paint and it is not for the faint of heart?

I am 100% onboard with there being different playstyles

that having been said - and as mentioned - I dislike bullies - and oftentimes new players feel bullied or even get bullied by those who have substantially more skill and firepower.

It is finding that happy medium that takes care of the most people and finding a way for the minority on both sides to have a place to play.

it isnt easy - but there is responsibility on all sides in it.


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