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Originally Posted by Metal_Soldier View Post
I know this guy personally and play with him at least once a month. I have never been overshot by him nor have I seen him overshoot anyone else. Yes, he is a paint hose I'm not denying that, but he is in control of the hosing. He is a respectful player and a good sport.

I do understand the position you guys are coming from, I'm just stating that this is not what it seems.
I didn't watch the whole video; only the two sore points at 2:22 and 6:08 and some spots here and there.

I'm inclined to believe you. I actually didn't see overshooting of any player.

He might have overshot someone at 6:08; I can't tell. If they're both behind brush and at a distance, it's natural to just send a lot of paint through the brush and to make up for loss of accuracy.

Other instances he seems perfectly good natured and tells his own guys to let the dead players out.

He communicates and covers his teammates.

The only "problem" here is he shoots a lot of paint. I don't actually see someone getting overshot, people here who have played with him say they've never been overshot with him. So all you really have here is a guy who shoots too much paint at a bunch of nothing. How many nerve endings are there on the side of a bunker? None. So who cares?

If I had a problem with that, I'd have a problem with the vast majority of paintball players, period.

Oh wait, I already do.

Unfortunately, this happens to be the only way I am legally allowed to shoot such people, so it's something of a felix culpa.

IOW, it doesn't make me want to not shoot them. It makes me want to shoot them more.
He posts videos of himself on Youtube never leaving the furthest back bunker.
Even when playing against rental noobs, he is immobilized.
Logic and reason are anathema to him; but this does not deter him from prattling on.
He is the most interesting player in the world.

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