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Angel Collection for sale

Well I have played in a couple years so I think it's about time to start selling equipment and collections. I'd like to see all of these guns sell in one lot but go ahead and send offers on whatever you like. Ive had these guns for a long time and never played a game with them so its been a while since they've been aired up but I will share with you what I know about them. The dust black A4 is pretty much stock except for it has a speed board swapped into it and a clamping feedneck. It won't come with the drop or the thor reg. The cobra mamba A4 supposedly has a fancy valve in it but Ive never taken it apart. I bought it as a project because all it needed was a battery well I got the battery and the board has a ton of dead pixels and leaked when I aired it up. That's where I left the project. Comes with a dye hyper reg and the on/off. The red Cobra mamba worked awesome last time I aired it up and is in such great shape I couldn't bring myself to take it to a field where it would get scratched up, virtually no breech wear at all. It does have the cobra medallion and still had a charge when I pulled it out of the closet. The chrome 2k2 Fly works great and appears to be holding a charge. It comes with blue caps, blue site rail, blue grips, blue ball detent, blue breech knob, clamping feedneck, and a nickel minireg. The purple 2k2 FLY comes with the stock 12in barrel and a matching 14in barrel. This fly and the silver fly are not the same milling, I know there was two different versions of the fly milling in 2002 but I dont know which one is which. It comes with a bullet volumizer, and kreem drop with on/off. Battery may or may not be good, holds a charge for a little while at least. Ill include one lcd charger with the group but if you are buying singles then the gun wont come with a charger. I'm asking 950 OBO for the group shipped and paypald.
Separate prices:
Mamba A4- SOLD
Mamba IR3- SOLD
Eclipse LED- SOLD
Silver FLY- 150
Purple FLY-175
Any questions just ask and ill try my best to answer them, pm me your email address and i can get you better pics of whichever guns you are interested in.

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