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found it at this local gun shop a few weeks back, finally got my permit for it, picked up on Friday arvo.
its raw, no markings other than the serial. aired it up this morning, leaked like a sieve so tear down and replaced the seals. issues with the three way for a bit till I realised it was missing a circlip.
appears to have originally right feed as there is a faint outline of a patch and some imperfections from welding (nonetheless, who ever did it did a clean job) the welds around the feed neck need a little cleaning up.
removed the SP on off, its too big and clunky in my opinion.

frame looks well done, its comfy. barrel bore looks like a lunar landscape, so its been binned, I'd rather used my deadly wind anyways.

so, I'm thinking clean up a bit, mirror polish annoed deep cherry red with chrome reg, asa and pneus. I'm going to laser engrave something, but still looking for inspiration there.

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