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Purchased my T2 from the CCM ebay store Wednesday afternoon, got an email from Laurie that day with links to the manual and videos. Went back the next morning and ordered a drop and air fittings to go with it. Checked paypal and had another message from Laurie that my shipping for the additional items had been refunded and they were going out with the T2 (I neither asked for nor expected this, their shipping charges are already so reasonable I just counted it as part of the cost!)

THEN I get a text from home this morning...the T2 has arrived!! CCM must have a tube directly to the local post office your stuff goes into when it's ready lol!! Sad I'm at work and have to wait to hold my baby but VERY HAPPY with the service I have received. THANK YOU SO MUCH now I can go shopping for my tank and hopper after work today instead of waiting a week!!
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