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Ahhh, you mean the "Castor Troy". This is a very interesting design. I believe there was another company that tried this and it failed. The T8 is too big of a gun to offer that "V" configuration without the guns flopping all over the place, when you run.

Then there's the issue of retention. How do you keep both those heavy guns retained but then still keep them readily accessible for quick draws (remember, the guns are on your back)? You'd have to feel for the thumb breaks, release them, then draw the guns. Not the easiest thing to do with guns behind your back. That "V" configuration just doesn't lend itself to functional draws.

That's why we were thinking of the "Castor Troy" configuration. If you don't know who Castor Troy is he was a character that Nicolas Cage played in the movie "Face Off". He carried two custom .45s.
The "Castor Troy" Rig is where the guns are held vertical in the small of your back (instead of the V). This allows for a good center of gravity on your tactical belt (no flopping around when in hot pursuit). Plus, it allows for an easy draw.
The tricky part still revolves around the retention, based upon the reason(s) I stated above. We have to find that healthy balance between positive retention as well as ease of draw. We can def pull it off, but I guess we can use you guys to "pilot" it. We can use your feedback in terms of improvements, practical use, etc. Let me know what you guys think. Also, I've added a pic of Castor Troy's Rig below to give you an idea of what I was talking about.

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