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karni body, reg, slider frame, kaner barrel

-pay pal only
-shipping to where USPS flat rate covers only
-shipping and fees included
-prices are negotiable
-sorry about pic quality, all i have is camera phone

1. Karni body-225 shipped
-condition 9/10 a bit dirty maybe some nicks here and there
-feedneck, bolt (cut the back a bit), pin,
-full internal (ICS) ***ivg had some prongs cut off by previous owner, stll usable i marked where the 2/3 prongs are left to lock in**
-back block
-no front block
-no snatch grip
-blue detent

2. Karni pump kit-45 shipped sold sold
-full block
-good condition

3. karni regs- 35 shipped each
-one blue (i know works but has tool marks towards the top)
-one red ( i dont know if it works because i have not tested it, im pretty sure it works but i have warned you that i dont know the functionality) 9.9/10 on condition sold sold

4. slider frame-35 shipped sold sold
-comes with dye grips and screws, internals
-red trigger shoe
-rough condition (around grip screw holes and scratches here and there)

5. Kaner barrel-35 shippedpending
-14 in.
-9.9/10 condition ( small nicks on the tip..other then that really good condition)
my feedback

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