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new writing competition

Okay, crack your knuckles, dust off your keyboards, and get ready to sling some words: starting today and ending on the 15th of October, I challenge you to come up with your best 5,000 words (or less). The theme: anything you want, covering whatever you want, and in whatever style you want. Want to write an epic poem about the plight of your average zombie? Go for it. Five thousand words of love story between two paintball players at D-Day? Sure. Want to write two sonnets and a ballad on the joys of butterflies? Knock yourself out. Post them up here, I'll lock the thread on the 15th (or 16th, depending on if I remember or not...) and set up a new thread for everyone to vote on their favorite. Prize is um, uh, the satisfaction and adulation of your fellow MCB'ers, how about that?
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