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Custom made Knives... any interest? (with some pics)

I'm going to be making more knives soon so I can get some money together for Christmas and other project stuff.

Knives would have pre made blades, handles would be custom. I can do slab sides for full tang knives and "Bowie" style for hidden tangs (the simplest being I take a block of wood, drill it and mount it on the blade.... more advanced would involve colored spacers, wood, bone/antler and even metal spacers).

It looks like I may even be able to get the tools to do kydex sheaths, otherwise I will be going with pre made leather sheaths (they are nice) that I wet form to the blade and then stain. I may even have some stamping on them (no tooling yet).

Would anybody purchase something in the $100+ range?

This isn't a pre-sale..There is no list... I'm not taking down payments or any money... just wanted to see if any of you would be interested in purchasing (and no I will not hold you to it and call you names if you say yes now and change your mind).

This is my newer hobby... I enjoy making knives much more than carpentry. Anyways... pics later (a couple months probably) as I get some in hand for purchase.

Here's a very simple sample of what I can do....

Newer knives will be much nicer as I learned some tricks and gained confidence on that one.

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