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Awesome videos, I wish they were around when I was starting out. I think you have covered most of the tech topics.

I might discuss various upgrades to CCM products. The pro's and con's of a hitman mod, or a slot blocker come to mind. It may be worth noting that most aftermarket upgrades on a CCM are not in fact upgrades. Second party bolts, regs, ect are no better than CCM and are sometimes worse.

New to pump videos: If the goal is to get more people playing pump, than a video that explains why a $200 dollar pump is adequate would be useful. We on MCB (myself included) tend to get overly concerned with quality of pump stoke and trigger pulls. That is not what a new pumper needs. To give a new player a fighting chance they need a pump that fits them comfortably and has a good paint to barrel match. A video that make explains basic features to look for when buying your first pump would encourage new players. What is an auto-trigger, differences between a sniper and a nelson platform...

I think the new pump player needs some education on how to play with a pump. I am thinking specifically of snap shooting. It is one area where a good pumper is far superior to his electro shooting cousin. You could create videos on this topic or just link to existing videos. Sonny Lopez has some excellent videos on the topic.

A video where you make the case for why a player should transition to pump would also be valuable. It is intimidating to put down your electro and walk on the field with an OC pump. The guy that is on fence may be swayed to buy a pump if the benefits of pump are explained. Some benefits are:
- When firepower is stripped away it forces a player to rely on snap shooting and and their own judgment.
- A pumper needs to work with teammates to be successful.
- Buying a pump won't make you a better player. Playing with a pump will reveal failures in your game that will spawn improvement.
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