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$20 for the empire pack
$8 for the 5 pods pack in the middle pic
$35 for the q loader pack

bodies do not include internals, you get what is pictured

sold $125 for the blue karni body, older style body with notch on top of the front block. top of front block is crack sold
$100 for mid block ss bodies with karni front block

$75 for mid block orracle body
$60 for black half block body, rear frame screw has a helicoil

$40 for blue 04 prostock body

$40 for each body

$40 for the 2k rt feed hb body, was cut to deep
$25 for the pre 2k rt feed body

$25 for each body

$75 for trilogy hb body and pump kit, kit is worn

$4 for each pre 2k banjo bolt
$10 for each 2k banjo bolt
$20 for each merlin banjo bolt
$20 for each 2k lpc

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