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Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
So my favorite phantom has a rainman undercocking kit on it. Does that make it a "sniper"? Or is the fundamentals of how the internals work significantly different?

no. "sniper" is the term for converted autocockers, they were originally sold as the sniper/sniperII back in the early 90's

phantoms are phantoms or nelsons.

So CCM, Palmer, and a variety of converted autocockers are usually considered the great open class guns. While Phantoms and other nelsons tend to be better stock class guns?

yup. but not to say you cant do the opposite, they just have worked into this system

What is a pump mag, and what is the advantage of that setup? Does anyone make new pump mags?

pump mag is a broken mag with a arm to reset the bolt, you put a wave spring in between the bolt and piston so it cant cock back all the way, the linkage just pushes the bolt enough to catch the sear

no, lucky to even find a pump kit for a mag

all the red stuff

damn beat to it
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