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The only thing CCM ruined was my bank account. And I love them for it every time I play, I'd have paid twice the money now that I'v owned one, TF's tech video's are great, the man is a real OG and he will not steer you wrong. Pump Mag's are cool, but there quite heavy if it's a Stainless Steal body.
Honestly though, if your happy with the phantom (I own 3) play with it. I break mine out pretty often and play stock. I love the rain man kit, but the best up you can but for a phantom is paint. Play with it, I used mine for 10 years, and I don't know when it smoothed out, but it did. I retired it this weekend and have a new tree bark anno phantom I'll be showing some love for the next 10. Also there is a post in the CCI section by senghing27 on how to put a ego detent in there for Stock class.
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Become a gun whore.


It pays very well.
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