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Originally Posted by NSGSplatmaster View Post
If you are training SPECIFICALLY to get as good as possible in standard tournament play, stick with your Etha. If you need to shoot less paint for financial reasons, that's a self control issue. You should not have to limit yourself in a physical way. If you still find it to be a problem, put a gravity fed loader. You want to retain the same setup profile. Switching to pump will NOT NECESSARILY help your normal-gun play. You will develop a different style of play and it will actually be detrimental to developing a "normal gun" style.
I see what you are saying here. However, I don't see myself playing any big tournaments or anything like that. It's mainly for a change of pace at my local field, and because I want to play speedball. They do have beginner and rookie tourneys every once in awhile. But, they are capped at 10, and are for exactly that: beginner tourney players. If anything, I could see myself playing in a serious ump tourney or series, but that kind of thing isn't very big where I am.

I bought the Etha because I thought I would need it to play in that format. However, now I am questioning it, which brings me here. I just like my pump better. I know exactly how they work (mechanicaly) and how to troubleshoot/tune them. Plus, I have just grown accustomed to them, and don't necessarily want to get into the electro world. I hope this clears up my position a bit more.

I look forward to your continued advice! What I have seen so far is great. Thank you!
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