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i thought i had this sold but alas the person never sent the money

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY WANT A RETRO 7!!!!!!!!!!!
9/10 cosmetically ( small scratch on feed neck)

10/10 mechanically

side note the feedneck screws are stripping, i can get them off but i can see slowly that they will be replaced if you take your feed neck on and off alot

The gun comes with a jj ceramic barrel,

PRICE- $499
TRADES- i will take trades
Really want a retro 7, but ill look at rare cockers , half blocks, older beat up luxes,egos, dms anything old and rare pretty much
Any type of cool anno or i cool automag too
i like pumps so if it cant be turned into a pump or isnt one already i probably wont take it unless its a ego or a high end electro

i can email photos from the time being and ill have some up hopefully before the weekend

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