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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
It was nothing more than a few pieces of plumbing fittings that bypassed the reg and went straight to the dump chamber.
-Er, not quite.

The "Magic Box" was two separate pieces of piping. The rear one was just an extension, and screwed into the normal regulator inlet. The gun's air line (from a CO2 tank or from HPA) then simply screwed into that. That's it, just an extension.

The front one was basically another extension, but "blind"- it was capped, just a 'blank' extension. This one screwed into a hole drilled into the side of the main firing chamber (or "dump" chamber.) What this did was add a bare few CC of volume to the dump chamber, so that each shot released a slightly larger volume of air.

That meant, of course, that you could turn the pressure down slightly, in order to run the same velocity.

In reality, it dropped the chamber pressure from somewhere around 400 psi to perhaps as low as 350 psi. And reduced your efficiency by around 10%.

The "box" part was just a milled cover that clamped over the two pieces of pipe- with a sticker saying "do not remove" over the screws, lest you let the genie out.

Interestingly enough, there was an opposite version available for a while. An early custom shop- something like Foxhunter, or Hyper-something? It's been a while- that made the inner chamber smaller. That bumped the chamber pressure UP, from around 400 to around 450 psi.

That actually increased efficiency, again by around 10%. On the other hand, it made the trigger pull stiffer.

Also, it let Smart Parts charge $100+ for 30 cents worth of plumbing fittings.
-This part, though, is 100% true.

To the OP; if you're having problems with the old fittings leaking, I'd be happy to have a look. I can even block off and fill in the chamber port, if you'd like.

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