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most paintball companies have landed on the good side.

On the bad note, one paintball warehouse, i forgot the name back in like 06 or 07 or something that went out of business. Ordered 250 dollars worth of stuff, charged my card then said half of it was backordered for a few days, do i want to ship the in stock stuff now for two shipping charges or just wait till it's all in stock, i decided to wait. 3 weeks pass, decide to cancel the other stuff and just let them send what's in stock, well now EVERYTHING is backordered. Another month passes, cant get ahold of anyone, answering machine tells me it's full, no email replies. Few months later after that find out the place went bakrupt and shut down, didn't know what to do, lost my money. oh well, guess that's why i'm so impatient now on ordering stuff, it better be in the mail within a couple of days after you have my money.

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